• North of the Country

    The National Park Ambre Mountains is situated in the North of Madagascar, about 27 km in the South of Diego Suarez City; it extend on an area of 18.200 hectares at an altitude between 850 and 1474 mt asl (above sea level); it enjoys a relatively humid climate helps the development of a type rain forest where live 7 species of lemurs, 55 species of birds, 49 species of reptiles, 36 species of butterflies. In the Park there is a lake of volcanic origin and beautiful small houses. In the Park it is possible to do different courses of 2/4 hours walking on easy trails.

    The Ankarana  Massifrises at 100 km in the South-west of Diego Suarez in a wild region of 18.200 hectares characterized by limestone pinnacles of karstic origin (tsingy), from deep canyocovered by forest and by underground caves and rives. The vegetation of the reserve is made up of forest and grassland, while on the high tsingy prevail the pachypodium and the euphorbia.         

    Whitin the Park live 6 species of lemurs, different species of mammals including mangouse by the circled tail, 83 species of birds, gegnis, chameleons and croccodiles. The attractions of the park are the landscape of sharp pinnacles and the caves to explore with a guide: the most famous is Andrafiabe, 11 km long and it crossed by more than 100 km of tunnels and landscapes.

  • The Tsingy Rouge are situated at midway between  Diego Suarez and the speciial Reserve of Ankarana. Leaving the main road and driving on a bumpy track for about 30 minutes you will arrive in the neighborhoud of Tsingy Rouge.The reddish color of these pinnacles, the surrounding landscape and the different shades of color of land on whichstand the tsingy are a true glance! Not to be missed.

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