• Nosy Be

    It is an island situated at 15 km off Ambanja in the North-west coast of Madagascar, weted ba channel of Monzambique it has an area of 312 km²  and it is the most famous tourist resort of  Madagascar.  The best time to visit it is from April to December. The capital, Hell-Ville, is a lively city of 30.000 people. Inside of island is made up partly by tropical forest, partly by plantation in the spices and Ylang-ylang  from which is derived a substance used in the composition of many fragrances, also there are crops of sugarecane from which is Rhum is stilled. Among the most beautiful excursions in the island: half a day to explore the plantations among the village of the South; half or full day of excursions on board of quad along beautiful traks that go into the forest, among remote villages, passing from the area of volcanic lakes around Mont Passot that from its 330 metres it offers a splendid view to many islands of archipelago; the small natural reserve of  Lokobe where lemur macaos, chameleons, many species of birds  and same exemplary of  boa constrictor live. That offers the opportunity to know a small part of the flora and fauna of this Country.
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