How To Collaborate


  • Free volunteer work

      Job opportunity regarding medical practitioners, nurses, technicians experts in maintenance of medical equipment. It is compulsory to agree with us on a shift of the stays based on the mutual requirements of work.

  • Subscriptions and Donations

    You can send subscriptions in money without formality to:

    Banco Posta C/A 32016040
    Unicredit, IBAN IT46C0200875370000400920225
    Unicredit, Donations Account IBAN IT62F0200875370000401348796 (Donation from other Unicredit account: 0€, Donation from other bank: 0.50€)
  • Donations of Equipment

    It is compulsory for the donations of equipment and/or any other kind of facilities, to contact us in advance.

  • Long Distance Adoptions

    It is possible to provide school education and health care to a single Malagasy child contributing with a free salary from 15€ a month.

    Distance support immediately ensures a base medical care to the adopted child and contributes to the management and maintenance of the Medical Center, indispensable for the FREE distribution to ALL of feed, medical visits, analyses, etc, for close and effective care.
    The adhesion to the plan could be made from singles, couples, families, organizations, agencies.

    Download pdf subscription module



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